The single point of access to public utility services.

Funnel offers customer centric digital systems that give people access to public utility services

We create digital platforms that centralize user experience, offering access to the most requested services on personal devices, innovative multimedia channels and third-party networks enriched with new digital content, so you can use these services wherever you are and whenever you need them.

The portal that allows people to carry out payments for all Public Administration services through a single multimedia platform using modern, frictionless payment methods.

A user-friendly, intuitive platform that meets people’s needs for speed and simplicity and gives access to many public utility services on a single front-end available on a number of multi-media channels.


Funnel aims to keep innovating the process of giving people access to public utility services. Its mission is to add more and more digital services while expanding distribution channels well beyond web and mobile to include third-party networks suitably digitized and enriched with new content.


Our success requires teamwork. Internally, Funnel relies on a core team of technicians and management with years of experience in the IT sector. It is now also building a team of exceptional partners to help design, develop and deliver public utility services more and more aligned with people’s current and future needs.

An intuitive and scalable model.

We like to think of our work as that of a “funnel”: we gather the smartest, most requested digital services and deliver them on a single, user-friendly front end through a network of multimedia access points, so that customers can use them whenever they need and wherever they are.

Ten years of experience

Funnel is a new start-up that relies on NV Group’s many years of experience in designing and implementing IT solutions to meet the needs of companies in the public and private sector.

Innovative solutions

offering of public utility digital services to individuals and companies, creating new business opportunities and developing innovative solutions that promote IT interconnection.

A significant contribution

Funnel takes the process of digitalizing public utility services a step forward by upgrading conventional machines and third-party networks and including them into a multi-channel platform that gives access to digital services to an increasing number of people.