Live October 2021

PortalePagamentiPubblici (PPP) offers municipalities and other public entities the possibility of consolidating all of the payment functions for public administration services on a single, user-friendly, and reliable digital portal. At the same time, PPP allows users to carry out payments for these services through one, multimedia platform using modern, frictionless payment methods. Users can pay online for taxes, utilities, tuition, professional associations’ membership fees, vehicle taxes, and all other services provided by national and local government agencies as well as public-private partnership entities like schools, universities, health service agencies, etc.

Live Fall 2021

PortalePubblicaUtilità (PPU), Funnel’s service hub, centralizes customers’ experience by offering a single, ubiquitous solution for accessing public utility services. It is a simple, intuitive platform that meets people’s demand for speed and simplicity. This “customer-centric” approach effectively puts users, who usually have to go from one service provider’s site to the other, at the centre of the service delivery process, and aligning digital services’ design, development and delivery with customers’ current and future needs. Funnel and its service hub are being developed and deployed thanks in large part to public financing. Read more.

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We are working with our partners to create new digital gateways that make it easier, more intuitive and more flexible for citizens to access services that are more in line with their needs. To learn more, stay in touch by filling out the form at the bottom of the page.