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Funnel Hub

Strengthening the regional and national innovation system

Description The investment co-financed with the POR ERDF 2014/2020 is aimed at developing the entrepreneurial idea of the innovative start-up Funnel srl and the development of its prototype service. Funnel intends to exploit the Iot paradigm to expose public utilities on Devices that currently perform basic functions but that for their technological characteristics retain considerable potential such as multifunction printers, vending machines, digital parking meters.

The company’s ambition is to aggregate several third-party utilities into a single touchpoint, exposing them on new channels, thus multiplying the physical points available to citizens. The innovation proposed by Funnel will bring significant benefits to citizens by ensuring a fast, efficient and easy to use service, available 24/7/365, as an alternative to the classic physical counters.

Specifically, the plan provides for the development of the prototype platform and activities aimed at defining a strategic marketing and communication plan for the start-up and its products.

Project code VOUCHER_STARTUP4-31

Project title Funnel Hub

CUP G29J21000930006

Total amount of project € 99.485,76

Financed amount€ 71,629.75

Source POR FESR Sardegna 2014-2020 Priority axis I “Research, technological development and innovation”- Action line 1.2.2 Public call “Voucher Startup”

Duration 01/05/2021- on going

Contact Enrico Orrù – Administrator