Business Model

Funnel’s business model revolves around the aggregation and distribution of public utility services, which are then delivered in a quick, efficient way to users through the company’s network of multimedia channels.

Some of our partners

Strategic partnerships

Funnel collaborates with companies in Italy and the rest of Europe that are leaders in the design and implementation of vast IT infrastructure networks and digital payment systems for the Financial Sector, large Private Enterprises and Public Administrations. Funnel has also signed agreements with multiple public and private service providers to offer users a wide range of digital services Finally, it has payed great attention to entering strategic partnerships with producers, owners and operators of third-party networks, whose integration into the Funnel platform is an important, innovative step towards a more inclusive digitalization process.

Collaborate with us

Join a growing list of major brands with years of experience in the production of multi-user devices and the operation of third-party networks, who have chosen Funnel as their partner to create value added technological solutions and give a decisive, innovative boost to the digitalization of their assets. For more information about Funnel’s business strategy, please contact us at Contact Us.